“Every Picture Tells A Story"... This Vagablond's story goes like this.....

Ever since I was a kid at school, I've heard more often than not that I was quite the doppelgänger of many a Rock-n-Roll performer. Some Foolish Behavior by some high school chums putting wads of gum in my hair whilst I napped during a study session led to my first shaggy do as I just cut the gum out. I picked up my les paul guitar and with my dark hair I looked like Ron Wood!

While rockers saw Woody, the girls of the 80's saw Rod. So one Halloween night, I dyed my hair blonde, sprayed it up, went to the party as Rod Stewart and discovered indeed that Blondes Do Have More Fun!...

After countless Halloween costume contests victories, I decided to give the Roddy look a go and see where it would take me and it's been Never A Dull Moment ever since!

           Some Guys DO 'ave All The Luck!
                     Enjoy perusing the site and Cheers!